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What does sapphic indicate and exactly how does the banner take a look? – HER

You might have heard the definition of


boating and sometimes even heard of sapphic flag, however they are you unsure of just what it means? Don't be concerned! The queer community is constantly starting to be more comprehensive and normalizing step-by-step strategies to explain the gender or sexual identity.

Discover a rundown of what it means to end up being sapphic, how the term came to be and precisely what the sapphic flag appears to be.

Sapphic definition

Its an umbrella phrase that unites lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer and lots of other communities. It's also attached to the acronym


(woman-loving woman), but sapphic performs include nonbinary folks and it is regularly describe a commitment between two ladies.

Despite it being utilized interchangeably with


, there are definitely not the exact same.

Sapphic makes reference to something about the Greek poet Sappho, exactly who wrote about her destination to “lesbians” from the area of Lesbos. In addition, it describes any woman or non-binary individual who is gay af.

Then, the bottom line is,

let's begin to see the concept of sapphic:

Sapphic is employed to describe a

woman of any sexual positioning who is keen on other women

. The term will those who find themselves interested in females but they are uncertain of interest for other men and women explain their particular choices.

What is the origin of sapphic?

Sapphic started being used around 1500 in regards to the emotions of poet Sappho. It was made use of about the woman having emotions for and being in interactions with ladies. Though she never said it outright, as actually a lesbian was actually shunned during this time, inside her poetry and tracks she mentioned deep feeling toward ladies.

Sappho created a four-line outline

, along with her model of poetry became acknowledged a

sapphic stanza

. Along with currently talking about the woman passion for lesbians, she in addition penned about the woman destination to guys. This means Sappho was actually commercially queer/bi/pan, very all ladies who love ladies (WLW) are symbolized underneath the “sapphic” umbrella, not simply lesbians.


There's also a

sapphic banner

therefore we can all bear in mind exactly what team we play for as you can see under.

Now you understand which Sappho is, you can wow your HER go out with 7th-century love poems. It is just what Sappho would want.

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Sapphic banner

The sapphic flag features two green stripes on the top and base, symbolizing really love. Inside middle there is a violet, that was over the years provided to women to represent their own sapphic really love.

Addititionally there is a form of the banner with a couple of violets inside center that shows the really love between two females.


It is section of all of our authoritative
queer glossary
– give it a look!

Sapphic vs Lesbian

Prominent concerns will also be asking

what's the difference in sapphic and lesbian.

Sapphic and lesbian were used interchangeably but they never necessarily have a similar definition. Sapphic is usually an umbrella term including all sexualities in which women are interested in older women lesbian

Lesbians usually tend to be women that are merely interested in ladies, though lately the expression happens to be broadened become much more comprehensive.

Pansexual and non-binary people that like women might be regarded as lesbians, although range between sapphic and lesbian is unclear.

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