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The Lesbian Diaries: a job interview with Lex Hefner – HER

In of one of the most extremely over the years considerable United States decisions in LGBT background, federal relationship equality, lesbians tend to be ultimately free to get hitched. Exactly what about all the unmarried women? Through lens of several smart, diverse lesbians, the state discharge of the award-nominated documentary,

Lesbian Diaries

, supplies an honest, fresh evaluate dating as one lesbian.

This documentary, generated by film manufacturer Lex Hefman, shares the compelling and touching tales of lesbians navigating the singles scene and shows a reputable check out the facts of internet dating amidst an oversexualized, glamorized news depiction of lesbian tradition. By countering myths about women that date females,

Lesbian Diaries

utilizes the experiences of real women to talk about racism in matchmaking, character problems, addiction, cheating, experimenters, internet dating as a mature woman, and game users.

We have got to catch up with Lex several days before the documentary's launch which you can see a preview of here

What exactly is Lesbian Diaries about & just what created one generate this documentary?

The lesbian Diaries is an emotional deconstruction of lesbian matchmaking as well as a review of the overarching society and problems currently being experienced because of the scene. Our company is studying the problems of matchmaking and blunders that many lesbians make in the process of picking associates and providing them with easy methods to boost their strategy. Additionally we have been taking a look at many of the unfavorable developments in LGBT culture that have appeared throughout the years. Given that gay relationship is actually appropriate – we should instead turn all of our attentions some other components of the city to ensure positive development in all respects including advancements in the structure of one's scene.

Can there be anything you heard throughout the interviews that surprised you?

Yes, I happened to be absolutely shocked to know towards fast decline of lesbian pubs internationally – there are only 4 kept in NYC and 1 in bay area – that has been rather sad and shocking. I became in addition amazed to find out that there is anything called TERF lesbians that happen to be seeking to exclude transgender people from the community, and the growing pattern of racism for the scene.

HER, a judgment-free talk room full of queer people who are passing away to fulfill YOU. Considering HER's safety and trust group, we do not put up with any sex discrimination—making this area much safer than your own common online lesbian chat room
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If any individual is found out over be TERF, we are going to prevent and ban all of them from platform. When you're lesbian and seeking for anyone…YOUR FOLKS ARE RIGHT HERE (in a secure and TERF-free zone).

What exactly are you a lot of worried about for future years with the community?

I am concerned that potential community can be very separated by brands that lesbians of types will not be combined. This could reduce the quantity of females out there and offered and/or chance for fulfilling a possible companion. Also Im worried that the current consider appearances is actually overriding considering deeper qualities, and that ladies may well not spend some time to re-evaluate their method of matchmaking. Interracial internet dating is apparently a massive issue on lesbian world – where very few ladies perform or wish practice it. It is a long way off from the heterosexual world.

And just what will you be the majority of stoked up about? Do you really believe we're going to take a good place in many years?

I'm excited that becoming homosexual or lesbian isn't really frowned upon whenever in earlier times. In a lot of spots globally, we're being accepted and so are gaining the capacity to end up being cost-free about whom the audience is and who we like, in public places. There can be a lot more work to performed. However, we now have started the progress that we believe continues.

Will we obtain observe any type of follow through to Lesbian Diaries?

Probably we're able to check further areas, but this would be determined by the overall performance within this very first documentary.

In which are we able to find out more info or follow you?

The documentary is on the

10th of December



and you will “like” our facebook web page at


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